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When it comes to aesthetic beauty, very few species measure up to grandeur of Teak, especially when it’s cut into live edge slabs. The combination of its unique texture, natural luster, golden honey-brown color, and coarse grain creates more than an unsurpassably beautiful wood — Teak is the very symbol of luxury and elegance.

And yet, in terms of durability and water resistance, this species is also the standard by which all other wood types are compared.

Able to withstand extreme weather and harsh conditions while maintaining its naturally appealing look for years, Teaks is the perfect choice for furniture, doors, windows, and walls that are constantly being tested by the elements. It is, hands down, most popular species for such outdoor applications. But Teak is also resistance to insects, moisture, and decay, making it the go-to wood material for boat manufacturing, patios, and deck chairs.

Just don’t lose sight of its stunning color, straight grain, and parallel live edges when considering interior applications. Teak’s breathtaking appearing is an elite look inside the home as well — especially as an elegant dining room table.

One note of caution before buying though — not all Teak is sustainably sourced. Considering the extremely high global demand for the species and its very long life cycle, the harvesting of this species has driven some suppliers to unsustainable and often illegal logging practices in tropical forests.

Rest assured, though, that while the African Teak we have in our live edge slab inventory may not be “genuine teak,” it has the same appearance and properties as its closely-related cousin — at a fraction of the cost.

Color / Appearance

Ranges from a majestic golden, honey brown to a rich, dark brown color that darkens with age.

Grain / Texture

Generally straight, Teak’s grain can occasionally be wavy or interlocked, with a coarse uneven texture and moderate to low natural luster. Due to the natural oils in the wood, raw, unfinished surfaces have a slightly oily or greasy feel.


Easy to work in nearly every regard, Teak does contain high levels of silica (up to 1.4%) which has a pronounced blunting effect on cutting edges. While it usually glues and finishes well, because of the wood’s natural oils, it may be necessary to wipe the surface of it with solvent prior to gluing and finishing.

Common Uses

Wood Veneer, architectural millwork, fine furniture, upscale cabinets,
natural wood flooring, boats, musical instruments, and gunstocks.

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