The Most Responsible Source of Wood Veneer Sheets.


Every day, we strive to do right.
By our customers, by each other,
by the trees.

Leading the industry in the most responsible management of the earth’s resources is a role we cherish. GL Veneer has become one of the most trusted ecoconscious, responsibly-sourced and reclaimed wood suppliers in Los Angeles, the West Coast, and the world. But more than production or profit, we gauge success on our ability to maximize the proliferation of our forests, then optimizing the yield of every tree.

With every piece we save, we’re preserving nature. Reclaiming mostly dead or dying trees — which would normally be forgotten, burned, or rotted back to earth — and giving them a second life. Doing so in the most sustainable way, minimizing environmental impact, purposefully clearing space for pre-planned reforestation.

Then conscientiously using every bit of wood we collect for maximum yield and impact.

In fact, veneer is the greenest use of any tree. Slicing every inch of log into 42 paper-thin “leaves” creates exponentially more square footage of material. With the most consistent appearance — in grain, figure, and color. An eight-foot log, measuring 24” in diameter, will render 1,008 leaves. Side by side, that’s nearly 2,000 sq. ft. of more closely matched material. More than 60 sheets of 4×8 flexible wood veneer or architectural plywood. All from one tree.

As for the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council, even if they’d never been developed, GL Veneer materials would meet them. From extraction to manufacturing, we strive to meet your and our desire for wood products without compromising the health of the world’s forest — for you, us, and generations to come.


Why Sustainable Forestry and
Selective Logging Matters