“I Can’t Believe
This Place Exists”

Everybody says it, and now you’ve found it. GL Veneer — the Disneyland of wood. Where the beauty of nature unfolds before us in every log. Where, thankfully, no two jobs are the same, and every project presents a new challenge, calling on our 40+ years of experience, our tribal knowledge, our creativity, and engineering.

This is where designers roam our massive warehouse, past stack after stack, inspiration striking around every corner — for an award-winning pop star’s walk-in closet, a professional baseball player’s dining room table, a tech mogul’s vacation home. Where we help architects bring the warmth and character of wood to the places where the world lives, works, and plays. This is GL Veneer — the home of wood.


Jeff & Leslie Levin

For most people, March 1, 1977, was just another Tuesday. But for Lewis “Bo” Grittman and Leslie Levin, it was the first day in the 40-year journey of GL Veneer.

“G” for Grittman, “L” for Levin, GL began as a plywood and face manufacturer supplying the high-end case goods markets in Los Angeles. But the guys weren’t new to the business. In fact, Leslie helped develop the veneer grading standards that the Hardwood Plywood Veneer Association (HPVA) still uses today.

In 1979, Bo Grittman left GL Veneer and Leslie’s son, Jeff Levin, joined the company, making GL a family effort — and formidable manufacturing/marketing combo. Together, the father and son team steadily grew the business through the 1980s and 90s.

By 1997, GL Veneer had diversified their product offering into three lines — Hardwood Plywood, Panel Products, and Leveneer™ Flexible Veneer. Sales took off, prompting the expansion of GL’s production space in Huntington Park, CA, to today’s 150,000 square-foot, modernized facility.

A giant of the industry and visionary businessman, Leslie Levin lead GL Veneer to a position of strength and flexibility. In 2006, Jeff took the torch from his father, continuing the company’s growth and innovation — including WallWood™, wooden wallpaper invented by GL.

Recently, Daniel Levin joined his dad, Jeff, at the helm of the family business. Now three generations strong, GL continues expanding with new product lines, including an extensive collection of beautiful live-edge slabs.

GL Veneer c.1984


The people who work at GL Veneer start with a job and wind up with a family. It’s the kind of place where the “rookies” have been around for 20 years. People stay here. For decades.

Mostly because we treat each other with respect and appreciation. We trust each other. And we all share a love of wood. There’s a lot of tribal knowledge here that — as we hang with each other, talk to each other, and work together — we spread among ourselves.

From top to bottom, we’re always helping each other. Sure, during the day we elbow each other and kick each other, but we all know that we’re striving for the same goal — the smartest, most elegant solutions for our customers.

At GL Veneer, we’re lucky. We truly take pride in the work we do. And the people we work with. It’s a really satisfying way to end each day.