Custom Plywood

Yes, “Veneer” is in our name. But custom “Plywood” is our bread-and-butter product. Ranging from premium-grade, bespoke architectural plywood to any piece of engineered core, including the raw substrate panels before we laminate your wood veneer to them.

That’s not to say you can’t buy unlaminated wood veneer sheets at GL Veneer. Many people do. But most of our customers order their finished, project-ready plywood directly from us — first selecting their wood veneer sheets, next choosing their preferred type of substrate core, then having us laminate the veneer sheets to the substrate to create the custom plywood their job calls for. Convenient, one-stop shopping for the highest quality material and best overall pricing.

Blue-Print Matched Materials

Custom-cut plywood converted from your CAD drawings with laser precision.

Superior Substrate Options

MDF, Particle Board, Veneer Core, or Combination Core

Proprietary "Hot-Press" Laminating

Intense 250°F heat and 125psi of pressure to ensure highest quality bonding.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Pre-cut, stock panels from 4’ to 5’ wide and 8’ to 12’ long, or any special cut-to-size requests.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re not happy until you’re happy. So we’ll keep working till we’re both smiling.

From multiple truckloads hauling 500 standard-sized panels each to a single, custom-shaped piece, GL Veneer can fill any custom plywood order — applying any species of any cut and match to any shape, dimension, and thickness panel, one-sided or two.

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