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Containing 150 beautiful, hand-selected Wood Veneer Sheets, the new GL Veneer sample pack gives you a personal set of the most visually stunning, design-inspiring collections of wood veneer in the world. Flip through it and you’ll explore every wood species GL Veneer offers in both Wood Veneer Sheets and Custom Plywood.

Not only will your personal library of veneer help you choose wood species for your custom orders, it will give you a powerful visual reference to use when walking your clients through furniture/décor design options. Even more, the GL sample pack provides interior designers an exceptional, hands-on resource for showing sample materials and color palettes to clients.

150 Veneer Samples

A full range of domestic and exotic species.

Paper-Backed 8.5"x11" Sheets

Each species labeled by its common name and geographic distribution.

Order your GL Wood Veneer Sample Pack today and you’ll find that each sample reflects the general character, grain, texture and natural patterns found in the species. Making every sheet in the collection a great sample for testing your finishing techniques and/or lamination.

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