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One of the elite few members in the family of the largest trees on earth, Redwoods are also one of the longest-living organisms on the planet, often reaching 1,200 to 2,200 years old. But if the amazing heritage of these majestic trees doesn’t impress you, their rich color and figured grain will — aesthetic qualities that woodworkers have long admired, especially in conjunction with the wood’s strength and longevity. Put it all together and this Pacific Coast/Mountain species ranks among the most elite choices for live edge furniture.

And yet there’s an even more elite choice — “old growth” Redwood, material that elevates the very meaning of the term elite. Very old and very large, old-growth Redwoods are those that have grown for centuries in relatively undisturbed forests. In fact, most experts agree that a Redwood must be over 200 years old to even be considered “old growth.”

But when you can find it, old-growth Redwood is worth the time and patience. Extremely rare and strictly protected, it’s even more difficult to acquire than younger Redwood, which makes it even more valuable. And vitally important to ensure you’re finding ethically sourced, legally obtained material.

The wood of these national treasures is as breathtaking as their legacy. Elegant and subtle, Redwood trunks and limbs produce extremely tight, straight grain patterns. But the base and roots of these trees can also produce some insanely curly figures and burls. Also known as “Vavona,” you can expect to find signature lace burl or flamed fiddle back patterns in these subterranean-sourced live edge slabs.

Stable, strong, and durable, Redwood is easy to work with. And despite the rarity and uniqueness of Redwood slabs, we have a wide-ranging selection of sizes that will elevate your project to truly rare air.

Color / Appearance

While the heartwood ranges from a light pinkish brown to deep reddish brown color, the sapwood is a pale white to yellow.

Grain / Texture

Generally straight, the grain of Redwood can be figured, wavy, and even irregular. It has a coarse texture and low, natural luster.


Redwood is typically easy to work with either hand tools or machinery, and glues and finishes well. But planer tearout can occur on figured pieces with curly, wavy, or irregular grain.

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