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You might see this species listed as “Hickory-Pecan” for a very simple, understandable reason. The “true” Hickories and Pecan Hickory trees are virtually the same species with only one real difference — Pecan Hickories are the fruit-bearing trees that produce the popular nut. And because they’re so very similar, the wood of the two closely related varieties is normally combined and sold together — with the hyphenated moniker.

No matter what name your Pecan live edge slabs go by, you’ll be working with one of the densest hardwoods found in the United States. So you can rest assured that the table you craft will last as long as the memories you create around it.

Beyond their amazing strength, denseness, and durability, the wood of Pecan slabs delivers tons of variegation with high-impact color. Mostly light to medium brown with a reddish hue, the contrast between the heartwood and sapwood is a signature look of this species. As stunningly consistent as it is beautiful, the grain of Pecan continuously draws the eye, over and over.

Which you’ll find to be true of our current Pecan slab inventory — a collection of amazing live edge slabs harvested from a Central Valley California orchard that was being replanted.

Color / Appearance

Generally, a light to medium brown heartwood with a reddish hue, and a paler yellowish brown sapwood.

Grain / Texture

The grain is usually straight but can occasionally be wavy. It has a medium texture and a low natural luster.


Hickory-Pecan is difficult to work, with tearout common during operations if your cutting edges aren’t kept sharp — the wood tends to blunt them. That aside, the wood glues, stains, and finishes well, and it responds well to steam bending.

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