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When nothing but the most unexpectedly dramatic table will do for your home, Buckeye Burl is the live edge slab to choose. An eye magnet featuring myriad shapes, voids, colors, and rich grains, this attention-grabbing species is one of the most exciting woods in the world.

Growing predominately in the foothills of California’s Central Valley, between 1,200 and 4,000 feet of elevation, the Buckeye Burl produced by the California Buckeye tree is forged in the earth. Nearly 90% of the wood’s growth occurs underground, so you can never see most of its beauty until its salvaged and repurposed. But when it is harvested, that beauty is something to behold.

Characterized by a swirling blend of colors ranging from deep blues to golds to creamy whites, you’ll find Buckeye Burl as unique as it is unusual. Even from slab to slab. With each totally different than the last, though all featuring the mesmerizing mix of contrasting colors that make the species so otherworldly.

While some might think that the voids and irregular shapes that set Buckeye Burl apart might limit its applications, it’s those features that make this species an exceptional live edge slab for creating an epoxy resin table. One perfect for showcasing the natural beauty of the wood in any shape you desire.

Color / Appearance

A wood of amazing patterns and a swirling mix of colors ranging from golden white and yellow to brown and blue-black, sometimes with a little red mixed in.

Grain / Texture

The grain is typically straight, even throughout the burl, with a fine texture.


Despite being a hardwood, Buckeye Burl is much softer than most softwoods. But what can make it a difficult, expensive wood to mill is that unnatural foreign objects – including rocks, sand, dirt, bullets, even rattle snakes – often the fill the voids in the burl eyes.

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