Black Walnut Slabs

Among the most popular domestic hardwoods, Black Walnut slabs are
sought for their dark, rich colors that can match almost any color
scheme. Strong and durable with great shock resistance, the extremely
versatile Black Walnut not only maintains a classic design aesthetic,
it’s equally capable of standing out in a bright, modern room filled with
clean white color and pristine light.

A slower-growing tree reaching heights of 75 to 100 feet, the Eastern
Black Walnut flourishes in colder environments — the type that
produce tighter, closer-together growth rings in the wood and a more
elegant, consistent grain. The most highly prized Eastern Black Walnut
trees grow within a 500-mile radius of Louisville, Kentucky.
You’ll find nearly 200 Black Walnut live edge slabs available in our
online gallery — each kiln-dried and project ready.

Color / Appearance

Dark, chocolate brown heartwood – often with hints of purple, green,
and grey – and creamy-white sapwood.

Grain / Texture

Usually straight grained, but capable of wavy, curvy or fiddleback


Very cooperative working characteristics, though planer tearout can
sometimes occur when surfacing pieces with irregular or figured grain.
Glues, stains, and finishes well. And responds well to steam bending.

Common Uses

Wood Veneer, architectural millwork, fine furniture, upscale cabinets,
natural wood flooring, boats, musical instruments, and gunstocks.

Ready to order – with quick delivery times – you’ll find the perfect live edge slab for your next project just clicks away.

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