Benefits of Using Wood Veneer

Décor is an important aspect for most homeowners, and wood veneers will accentuate the beauty of those living spaces by giving them a natural look and feel. While wood veneer is often used in cabinetry and furniture within the household, there are many other unorthodox applications. Adding wood veneer elements to any space can vastly improve the appearance and elevate the design, which is why so many woodworkers and designers are choosing wood veneer over solid wood.

The Advantages of Wood Veneer

While solid wood furniture is crafted entirely out of solid wood, wood veneer furniture consists of a thin layer of wood laminated to the outside of a panel. Even though wood veneer will never match the durability of solid wood, it will undoubtedly be less prone to some of the degraded solid lumber can develop. In many ways, veneer furniture will outperform solid furniture and have other benefits, which you can read about below.

Customization & Appearance

Wood veneer is easier to work with and provides a lot more versatility than what solid wood offers. There is also a benefit of being able to use whole logs to maintain absolute consistency in color and grain throughout. Not only will you have more flexibility with surfaces like curved or contoured areas, but wood veneer allows you to create endless unique designs while playing with the grain. For instance, the different types of veneer matching can dramatically impact the end presentation – A few examples – Book Matched, Slip Matched, Plank Matched, and butcher block, just to name a few. Something that would be very challenging and expensive using solid wood. 

The utilization and application of wood veneer have come a long way. ​From custom laid-up plywood panels produced from raw veneer to full-size flexible sheets with different backer options, you can add warmth and character to any space by adding accents of wood veneer. While most wood veneer is considered an industrial building material, we’ve seen it applied in an unlimited range of projects. There are many crafters and artists that are starting to experiment with it in a variety of mediums. For instance, @hinterlandskis and @dwdrums have used our veneer in their hand-crafted custom skis and drums.

The Variety of Species

An advantage of using veneer in furniture rather than solid wood is incorporating multiple species into one piece. Every species has its unique grain and color, and when mixed, it creates appealing patterns and beautiful contrast – Something that would be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive if done with solid wood. For instance, take a look at this unbelievable dining room table where the woodworker used our electric zebrawood, walnut burl, and wenge to create this stunning design.

Furthermore, there are many more options for exotic or rare wood veneers that you can’t find in solid wood. Or the price is astronomical. Veneer allows you to use specific species from all over the world that are hard to find or don’t grow fast enough to be produced into anything else. 

More Sustainable

Wood veneer is considered the greenest use of a tree and a truly renewable resource that is all-natural and 100% authentic. While you’ll get the same natural look as solid wood, it is much more sustainable because only the outermost layer of the furniture is made from wood.

In addition to being a renewable resource, all wood veneer at GL Veneer is harvested responsibly. A large portion of the inventory is FSC Certified, and FSC. When stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This is a non-profit organization that inspects and certifies forests from all over the world to meet the highest environmental and social standards. When you buy FSC certified wood veneer, you can rest assured it comes from forests where programs are in place to foster the replanting of forest land while using selective logging practices.

Highest Utilization of the Tree

With veneer, minimal wood is wasted in the manufacturing process. Wood veneer is sliced into very thin sheets, similar to the meat cut at your deli. For every 1” thickness of lumber, it yields 42 paper-thin “leaves.” This yields more square footage of material without wasting any material (including sawdust). Essentially, that 1” thick lumber face can be replicated 42 times using veneer. You can start to see the multiplying effect this can have. Using 1/42” of an inch wood veneer is a more efficient use of natural resources and more cost-effective in comparison to a 1” thick hardwood board.

Cost Savings

Using wood veneer is a cost-effective option that provides the same, most often higher quality look and feel as solid wood but for a fraction of the price. Even with using a minimal amount of natural wood, you’ll still be able to get a high-end appearance that will leave a lasting impression.

Where to Buy Wood Veneer

If you’re looking to buy wood veneer, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a flexible wood veneer or architectural plywood, we take pride in offering the most extensive selection of raw veneer. From the popular domestic rift white oak and walnut to the exotic Ziricote and Macassar Ebony, we have it all – each held to the highest architectural standards. At GL Veneer, you can easily browse our selection of veneers online or come into our shop for a personalized experience. You can personally select the sheets you want to take home. If you can’t go physically, we’re happy to send pictures of the actual sheets to ensure you like what you’re getting. Transform your next project or design with our high-end flexible wood veneer that can be laminated to just about anything. Also, we can easily apply the wood veneer to any substrate of your choice and instantly match the specs from 4×8 pre-cut sheets to any made-to-order size.

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