Bastogne Walnut Slabs

A rare hybrid species found in Northern California, Bastogne Walnut is the amazing tree that results from the cross between the California English Walnut and Claro Walnut species. Harder and stronger than either of its parent species, Bastogne Walnut is also the densest of the Walnut trees. And classically beautiful.

Characterized by rich color and endless movement in the grain, Bastogne Walnut slabs are more than highly desired by woodworkers for their live edge slab designs — they’ve been one of our favorite slab species for years as well, the kind you can stare at for hours. Especially our General John Bidwell Bastogne Walnut slabs. While the color of these special GL Reserve live edge slabs varies greatly, you can expect deep, beautiful browns with marble-like variegation, and fiddleback figure throughout the grain.

Color / Appearance

While the heartwood of Bastogne Walnut varies from a lighter golden yellow to reddish brown color – sometimes with darker brown, nearly black streaks – the paler sapwood isn’t always clearly demarcated.

Grain / Texture

Usually straight, the grain can be irregular, curly, or rippled, creating a marble-like variegation or at times a fiddleback figure. It has a medium texture and moderate, natural luster.


Generally easy to work with when the grain is straight and regular, Bastogne Walnut glues, stains, and finishes well (though it’s rarely stained). But when surfacing pieces with irregular or figured grain, planer tearout can occur.

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