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From a color perspective, Ash runs right down the middle of the wood spectrum — not too light, not too dark — which is pretty uncommon. And one of the reasons why this elegantly smart looking species is one of the most desirable hardwood choices for live edge tables. Especially for people looking for a wood on the lighter side, because there just aren’t that many to choose from. Due to their typically narrow widths, Ash Wood Slabs are also perfectly suited for countertops and bar tops, which makes them extremely popular for such applications.

GL Veneer has both and European Figured Ash and Shamel Ash. Most of which were source from a great supplier out of Germany, who specializes in this species. Some of the Figured European Ash Wood Slabs we get from them are simply incredible — with a very unique grain that cleans up extremely well with a natural finish.

In 2019, we also salvaged a 40,000-lb, 40-foot Shamel Ash tree in Chino, CA. While this tree yielded mostly large conference table slabs, it also produced a few smaller, more affordable slabs that could be used for coffee tables or end tables.

Color / Appearance

Attractive, light-colored wood ranging from a creamy, pale yellow or tan color to light chestnut brown hue – sometimes with darker brown streaks – and little demarcation between the sapwood and heartwood. When finished, Ash reaches a rich golden hue.

Grain / Texture

Featuring an elegantly calm structure, Ash is almost always straight-grained with a highly pronounced cathedral pattern, and a medium to coarse texture similar to Oak.


Ash produces good results with hand or machine tools, responds well to steam bending, and glues, stains, and finishes well.

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