From speaker cabinets to Vegas hotels, snowboards to federal courthouses. Premium homes, five-star restaurants, and historical renovations. If it’s been designed with wood, GL Veneer has made it. And when it’s so visionary it’s never been tried, we get the call.

More than anywhere else, we have the inventory, expertise and equipment to transform the most beautiful cuts of wood into vintage quality materials for your most inspired projects.

Call and share your vision with us. We’ll pull samples of material from storied trees that will help amplify your design narrative.

Give your design narrative even deeper meaning.

Imagine your design featuring epic trees with epic stories. The type you’ll only find in the exclusive GL Reserve.

Bastogne Walnut from a tree planted by a Civil War general. Eucalyptus salvaged from the renowned Alderbrook Winery. Or material from a ma-jestic 1,500-year-old Giant Sequoia that, under normal circumstances, is impossible to source.

All of these special trees and more are available — but only once, only for the most inspired designs.

Click here to explore the riches of GL Reserve today.