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Our product line boasts over 700 ready-to-ship flexible veneer products, one of the largest inventories in the marketplace. The Leveneer™ product line encompasses over 150 different veneer species of flexible veneer products with backers of 10, 20, or 30 mil paper as well as PSA, Polybak, Fabric, WallWood™ and veneer backers. As always, GL Veneer is capable of tailoring the product to your specifications on request and prefinsihing is available.

As we produce our own faces in our veneer room, our veneer technicians control the quality from start to finish to provide consistency in grain pattern, matching, color, and quality to the faces we use for our Leveneer™ products. This ensures our customers will receive the product they expect ... without costly "surprises".

If you order your Leveneer™ product from our veneer store before 3:00 (PST), it will ship the same day.

If you need a custom product, use our request for quote form, or call us at 1-800-588-5003.

If you are a distributor looking for a reliable and quality source of flexible veneer for your customers, take a moment to contact us or call us at 1-800-588-5003. We will get your application moving right away and provide you with a secure login to our veneer store. There you can enter your orders with a few simple selections or request a quote for a special job.

We earn our customer and employee loyalty in this marketplace every day by paying attention to the details and getting it right the first time. We never forget that we pledge quality and responsiveness to our satisfied customers. Every one of our employees is committed to delivering on that pledge.

Selection Over 160 species in stock
Over 700 items in stock
Certified material in stock
Burls and exotics in stock
Pre-finished sheets available
Finishing Available on request
Sizes 2x8 4x8 4x10 in stock
Custom sizes on request
Backers 10, 20, or 30 mil paper
PSA, veneer, fabric, polybak
Custom Box, reverse box, diamond,
reverse diamond, sunburst,
marquetry, sketch faces